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You may have a loan with us if you applied for a private student loan through MyRichUncle or one of its marketing partners sometime between 2005 and 2008. Our loans were previously owned by the Education Empowerment Fund.

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The Loan Servicer: University Accounting Service.

You may already be familiar with University Accounting Service (UAS). UAS sends you your bills and processes your payments. They've been providing services like these since you got your loan. Some folks call UAS the servicer of your student loan.

By the way, if you're not receiving statements from UAS, you may simply need to update your contact information. (In case you're wondering, you still have to make payments even if you're not getting statements.)

While In School

Some borrowers began paying back, little by little every month, the amount they borrowed (aka the principal) and the cost of borrowering (aka the interest). Some borrowers chose to postpone paying principal while in school and paid just the interest charges every month. Most borrowers chose to postpone paying both principal and interest for up to six months after they were no longer in school.

Six Months After School

If you chose to postpone principal and/or interest payments until after school, you have six months from the date you were no longer enrolled before you start paying both the principal and interest. Leaving school, even temporarily, will trigger this period.

Pay Later

You can ask to fully postpone payments for a variety of reasons, including entering a new school, medical residency, dental residency, or active military duty. You can also ask to postpone payments if you're unemployed or in financial difficulty.

If you're experiencing financial difficulty but still want to pay some of your bill, you may be able to temporarily lower your payments. This will help you avoid being considered late or in default.

If your request is approved, you can postpone some or all of your payments for a defined period. Unpaid interest will continue to be charged and is added to your loan amount at the end of each calendar quarter and once just before you resume making full payments.

By the way, even if you've postponed your payments, you can still make payments anytime you want. Remember, paying your loan sooner is cheaper.