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This site is for our borrowers, to help them better manage their student loans.

For student loans originated between 2005 to 2008 by MyRichUncle and held by younomics® we may be able to help you out with your loans.

Pay Your Bills

University Accounting Services (UAS) is your student loan servicer and has been since your loan originated. UAS sends you statements, processes your payments and maintains your account. They can help you explore your options to defer payments if you go back to school or what you can do if you are experiencing financial difficulties.

Please log into your account at https://www.uasconnect.com/.

If you experience any difficulties or need help on your account you can always contact us.

Life Happens

In School – you may have chosen to defer your payments or make payments during school. Any payments that don't cover your monthly accrued interest amount while in school or in times of deferral will capitalize when you enter repayment.

Going back to school or pursuing a residency?

If you are in an eligible residency, in the military or head back to school at least half-time, please reach out us or UAS to see if you can suspend your payments during this time.

Financial Hardship

If you temporarily lose your ability to pay due to unforeseen circumstances like losing your job please reach out and see if you are still eligible for a temporary forbearance of suspension of payments.

Looking for a lower payment?

Limited reduced payment plans might still be available. If you are looking to lower your payment for a short period of time to interest only please let us know.

Is there a grace period for repayment?

Yes, borrowers are entitled to a six (6) month grace period that begins upon the date that the student ceases to be at least half-time enrolled at an eligible institution. During the grace period, borrowers are required to make the same payments they elected to make during the In-School period; however, any unpaid interest accrues during this grace period and is capitalized upon entering repayment. Borrowers will enter a repayment status upon expiration of the grace period, and the first regularly scheduled payment will be due approximately thirty (30) to forty-five (45) days from that date.

How is interest calculated?

Interest is calculated on a daily simple interest basis, using the outstanding principal balance each day of the term of the loan. The daily interest rate is equal to the annual interest rate in effect on that day, divided by the actual number of days in the current calendar year.

When does interest accrue?

Interest will begin to accrue as of the disbursement date on the principal amount of the loan and will continue to accrue on any outstanding balance. Interest will also accrue during periods of non-payment, including periods of authorized deferment or forbearance. Interest is capitalized upon entering a repayment period status and at the end of any authorized deferment or forbearance.

What is capitalization?

Whenever you have gone through an authorized period during which you are not required to make payments, such as during an In-School, grace, deferment or forbearance period, as well as during periods of repayment wherein your regularly scheduled monthly payment does not satisfy the interest amount due for that period, interest will continue to accrue on your loan and be added to the principal balance when you start making payments again.